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Discover Walt Disney At One Man's Dream In Disney's Hollywood Studios

Everyone has heard of Walt Disney, but how many people know much about the man behind the name that has become synonymous with family entertainment?

Within Disney's Hollywood Studios you will discover an attraction that is called One Man's Dream that will help you to learn more about the special visionary that not only created Mickey Mouse, but who invented the standard by which all modern theme parks are measured.

One Man's Dream
The attraction called One Man's Dream is layed out like a timeline of Walt Disney's life, taking you on a self paced tour from his earliest achievements and accolades up through the development of Disneyland and the planning for Walt Disney World.

The use of genuine artifacts from the Disney Archives makes this much more than just a retelling of Walt's life.  The ability to see some of these items, like Walt's 2nd Grade Desk (pictured above ) allows you to make a connection with Walt the person.

Alice Comedy
In the 1920's Walt made a splash by creating the Alice Cartoons which featured a young girl put into the world of the cartoons.

Walt had recruited Virginia Davis to play the role of Alice in what turned out to be a series of well over 50 Alice Comedy Cartoons.

The Alice Comedies had titles like "Alice Hunting In Africa" and "Alice's Spooky Adventure."

Oswald & Mickey
Walt Disney's first well-known animated character was Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, but after losing the rights to Oswald, Walt had to come up with a new character,.  The year was 1928 and during a transcontinental train ride with his wife Lillian he can up with the idea for a Mouse that he wanted to call "Mortimer."  Lillian didn't like that name and suggested the more friendly name of Mickey which became the name of Walt's mouse character.

Mickey Mouse made his debut in 1928 in the cartoon "Steamboat Willie."  Soon Mickey Mouse became Walt's most memorable character with the sound and dialogue synchronized perfectly to the on-screen action.  Walt even performed the voice for Mickey Mouse.

Innovations In Animation
Walt Disney may be best known for the advancements that he developed for the art form of animation.  From the start of synchronizing the dialogue with the action, bigger and better developments were right around the corner.  For the breakthrough Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees, Disney introduced color to animation.

One of the most amazing developments was the Multiplane Camera that gave the animated films a sense of depth.  This camera broke up the painted scene into several sections on different layers that the camera could move through to show the illusion of depth.  This added a sense of realism to the animated films that had never existed before.

At One Man's Dream, you can see an actual Disney Multiplane Camera on display.

This lead up to Disney's first full length animated feature film - "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," which was filmed in Multiplane Technicolor.

The next innovation that came was during the production of "Fantasia."  Here Disney sought to create a true concert experience by improving the sound experience for the movie.  They recorded on 8 tracks in the studio and mixed it down to 4 discrete tracks that fed into the very first surround speaker system.  This was called "Fantasound" and it is nearly identical to audio systems in use today.

Just A Small Taste Of One Man's Dream
This is just a small taste of what you will find when you visit One Man's Dream at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  There is plenty more to learn about Disney's progression of animated movies, true life adventures, and theme park creation.

Any fan of Walt Disney the man or the Disney Parks will enjoy this opportunity to learn more about the history of this amazing man.

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