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Vinylmation Mania Hits Disney World

Vinylmation™ is a term that didn't exist a few years ago.  Now it is a word that describes the latest collectible craze to hit the Walt Disney World Resort.

What is Vinylmation?
Vinylmation™ is the name for an ever growing collection of 3 dimensional figures made of vinyl that are shaped like Mickey Mouse, but are creatively decorated to become other characters or artistic expressions.  The figures currently can be found in 3 different sizes 1.5", 3", and 9" tall.  The 3" tall figures are the most popular.

The origin of the word Vinylmation™ comes from the combining of the words "Vinyl" which is the material used to make the figures and "animation" which Disney is certainly known for.

When Did This Craze Begin?
It all started in 2008 with the initial Vinylmation™ Figures appearing for sale on November 7, 2008.  The very first figures for sale were blank, white ones that Disney Guests could decorate themselves.  A little over a month later the first of many Vinylmation characters to come were introduced on December 18th.  These were part of the Park #1 Series which came already decorated by Disney artists to look like theme park attractions or characters like Kermit the Frog and Figment.

Where Can You Find Them?

You can find the Vinylmation characters for sale all over the Walt Disney World Resort.  The "home base" of sorts would have to be D-Street in Downtown Disney.  Here you can find an amazing assortment of Vinylmation Figures, and you can also see displays of figures that have been retired and are no longer available.

There is also a large representation of Vinylmation at the Art Of Disney Store in Epcot.  At first I though that was crazy, but after you look at all of the designs and realize the creativity and artistic talent that it takes to take this simple Mickey Mouse shaped figure and turns it into this widely varied series of characters and themes.  It really does belong in the store that sells art!

How To Collect?
Like any other type of collection, you are best off collecting what you like.  The 3" high figures typically sell for $9.99 each, so although they are not free, the price is reasonable and similar to the price of a Disney Pin.

You can try to collect entire themed collections, or just ones that you like.  It doesn't matter, each collection should be unique.

You Can Trade Also!
Similar to the popular Cast Member Disney Pin Trading that occurs at Disney World, there is also Vinylmation Trading that occurs at specific sites throughout Disney World.  So don't fear if you receive a Vinylmation Figure that is not your favorite, you will be able to trade it to a Cast Member for a different Vinylmation Figure of the same size.

What Are You Waiting For?
If you haven't purchased your first Vinylmation Figure what are you waiting for?  If you spend some time checking out all of the different characters and designs, you will find it hard not to become attached to one or more of them. 
For more information Disney has its own dedicated Vinylmation Blog.  You can even follow Vinylmation On Facebook.  So check it out and have fun with your own Vinylmation Collection!

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