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Toy Story Fun At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania! is certainly the most popular attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  As soon as the park opens a crowd races to either get in line for the attraction or get in line for a FastPass so that they can ride it later.  With all of the excitement for Toy Story Mania!, many people never notice what the Toy Story characters are up to on the building across the street.

Toy Story Command Post
There is a small building that looks like a brick ticket booth that is next to the FastPass Machines for Toy Story Mania!  On this tiny building with windows that have their blinds drawn closed, is a sketch worth investigating.

This sketch is labeled Command Post and it looks like something that perhaps Andy has drawn up for his little Green Army Men.

On the left hand side of the drawing labeled as PLAN A is the RECON Position with the Signal Corps Communicator being shown partially lowered from the building.  The picture below shows the real life enactment of PLAN A.

You can see how the little Green Army Men have used Tinker Toys and a Jump Rope to lower the Speak & Spell into position.

On the right side of the Command Post Drawing is PLAN B.  Here you see a larger Top Secret Message Decoder being placed into position.

The industrious Green Army Men have created Tinker Toy cranes to lower the Scrabble Board (aka Secret Message Decoder.)  If you look closely there are two messages on the Scrabble Board: "You've Got A Friend In Me" and "Meet The Toys."

Toy Story Fun
In the hectic rush to get inside the building for the Toy Story Mania! attraction many people miss what is going on outside the building.  There is much to notice.  The Disney World Imagineers continue to place surprises and treats for Disney World guests to discover beyond riding the attractions and viewing the shows.  Take the time to see them and immerse yourselves in the stories that surround you!

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