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Epcot Holidays Around The World - The Storytellers Part III

Christmas at Disney World takes on an international flair when you visit Epcot and experience the Holidays Around The World.  Each country is beautifully decorated for the season and you can learn more about each country's holliday traditions through the marvelous Storytellers.

In Part I of this Epcot Holidays Around The World series we travel to Mexico, Norway, and China.  Part II visits Germany, Italy, The United States, and Japan.

In the 3rd and final look at the Epcot Holidays Around The World, we look at 3 different interpretations of Santa Claus.

In France you will see Père Noël. He will tell the story of Babette and the letter that she wrote to him. You will hear about the magic of Christmas from a child’s perspective as told by the French version of Santa Claus.

Great Britain
Father Christmas is who you will meet in Great Britain.  References to Father Christmas go clear back to the 15th Century England.  He is the pre-cursor to the American version of Santa Claus.

In Canada we meet Nowell, the Canadian lumberjack. He tells the story of the customs of the Canadian children during Christmas time. We also see Nowell transform during his story telling from Lumberjack to Santa Claus. This is a very engaging presentation.

Epcot Holidays Around The World
Christmas time is a wonderful time to explore Epcot.  You can enjoy the decorations and be filled with the Christmas Spirit as you learn how each of the World Showcase Countries celebrates their holidays.

This is a great experience for the whole family.  Make sure you save enough time when you visit Epcot to listen to these great Storytellers tell their tales.  You will be glad that you did.

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