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Disney World Dining: Capt. Cook's

When it comes to dining at Disney World, one off the beaten path place that everyone should try is Captain Cook's at the Polynesian Resort.  Not because it's fancy or glamorous, but because it offers the Disney World famous Tonga Toast.

Captain Cook's
Although you can visit Capt. Cook's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Disney World's Polynesian Resort, it is a great way to start off your day when you are planning on visiting the Magic Kingdom.  Since the Polynesian Resort is accessible by monorail, you can either drive to the Magic Kingdom Parking lot and walk or take the monorail to the Polynesian Resort.  If you are staying at a Disney World Resort just take the bus to the Magic Kingdom and hop on the Resort Monorail to get to the Polynesian Resort.

Once you have arrived at the Polynesian Resort take the time to enjoy the surroundings as you make your way to the ground level to find Capt. Cook's.  Like most of the other Disney World Resorts, the Polynesian Resort has a Quick Service Restaurant for resort guests and visitors. 

For breakfast, Captain Cook's has a full selection of choices to meet your family's needs.  From eggs, Mickey Waffles, pastries, fresh fruit, to the Polynesian Resort specialty Tonga Toast that can only be obtained at Captain Cook's and the Kona Cafe.

Tonga Toast
For the uninitiated, Tonga Toast is a variation of the more commonly known French Toast.  The Tonga Toast starts with a thick piece of sourdough bread, it is then stuffed with bananas and then deep fried.  Cinnamon sugar coats the outside and it is ready for syrup to added to give it the full effect.

It is hard to capture the delectable goodness that is found in the Tonga Toast with a picture.  It is very filling and can be shared if you dare.

The Tonga Toast is one of those Disney World creations that you will find yourself craving once you have returned to your home and counting the days until you can have it again.

By getting your Tonga Toast at Capt. Cook's you save about half of the cost of getting the Tonga Toast at the table service Kona Cafe, but you get the same sweet, sticky goodness in a less fancy surroundings.

  You can choose to eat indoors or out, whatever you preference.  You can get the Tonga Toast ala carte for only $5.09, which is one of the great Disney World bargains after you have had a chance to taste it.

As mentioned earlier you can also get a full range of breakfast selections if for some reason you decide you are not in the mood for the Tonga Toast (I have heard it could happen.)

Disney World MUST DO Experience
Travelling to Captain Cook's to experience the Tonga Toast for breakfast on your way to the Magic Kingdom is a MUST DO experience.  This is one of those things that you try it once based upon the recommendations and you will find yourself craving it for each future vacation.

Caption Cook's is a new Disney World attraction to add to your must do list, so plan on getting up a little early to make sure that you have time to travel to the Polynesian Resort to have breakfast before you visit the Magic Kingdom.  You won't be disappointed!

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