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Epcot Holidays Around The World - The Storytellers Part I

A Disney World Christmas Vacation is not complete without visiting the Holidays Around The World at Epcot.

The decorations and plentiful entertainment make the Holidays Around The World Celebration perhaps the best time to visit Epcot (with the exception of maybe the International Food & Wine Festival.)

Here each of the 11 countries represented in the World Showcase have storytellers that share how either the Christmas or New Year's Holidays are celebrated in their respective countries. You will get to hear about the traditions in an engaging live presentation that occurs throughout the day at Epcot. 

These storytellers provide a great learning opportunity for children and adults alike to learn more about the culture and ways people celebrate the holidays in other parts of the world.  Some will be very similar to our own while others vary widely.  The presentations last about 15 minutes each and are presented several times each day according to the posted schedule in each country.  It will take a 3 -4 hours to be able to watch all of the storytellers, but it is well worth it.

This is the first of 3 articles to cover our way around the Epcot World Showcase starting with Mexico!


In Mexico you will get to meet Los Tres Reyes Magos, otherwise known as the Three Kings or Three Wise Men. They will tell their story and they will tell how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico including the importance of the Poinsettias.


In Norway we meet Sigrid and Julenissen. Julenissen is considered to be the mischievious Christmas gnome.

He is the guardian of every Norwegian family's welfare, so Norwegian children are taught to leave a steaming bowl of porridge for Julenissen during the Christmas Holiday to thank him.

In Norway on Christmas Day many start the day by attending church then spending the day quietly with family members.  On Second Christmas Day, children celebrate julbukke by dressing up in costumes and going door to door for goodies. 


In China you will meet See how kong, the Monkey King. Here he will tell his tall tale about the Chinese New Year.

As the story goes, he was a monkey raised by humans that single-handedly defeated a terrible monster. He then gained incredible powers when he obtained a Magic Stick that had been guarded by the Dragon King.

He started to use his powers to look for adventure and mischief. Buddha was not pleased with his abuse of his powers, so he decided to seal him in a mountain for eternity.

The Monkey King quickly realized the error of his ways. Thang Seng believed that there was good in the Monkey King and asked Buddha to release him. The Monkey King then joined Thang Seng on a journey to India to retrieve Buddha's original teaching tests.

The Monkey King proved to be a loyal comrade to Thang Seng on his journey.

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