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Disney World Top 6 Uses Of Audio Animatronics

In the latest installment of Disney World Top 6 we take a look at one of the hallmarks of Disney Imagineering: the Audio Animatronic Figures.  We rank the Top 6 Disney World Uses Of Audio Animatronics in Attractions.  This list is sure to stir up controversy since only 6 can make the list and that means many great Disney World attractions will not make the list.

Disney first gained recognition for including audio animatronics in the original Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland and later the breakthrough exhibits at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair.  Since then Disney Imagineers have constantly improved their inventions and have made some unbelievable creations.

Note: The Yeti used in Expedition Everest would have made the list, but is being excluded since it currently is unable to operate as it did when it was first installed (and we are still bitter about that!)

Disney World Top 6 Uses Of Audio Animatronics

6. The Great Movie Ride
The Wicked Witch of the West in the Great Movie Ride was the first of the A-100 line of audio animatronic figures that Disney Imagineers introduced, thereby creating a new level of realism.  The movements are much smoother than earlier models.  It is eerie how lifelike she looks.

5. Carousel Of Progress
It was impossible to leave the Carousel Of Progress off of this list.  Although the attraction was originally designed for the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair and has been moved from New York to Disneyland to Disney World, this attraction is still a marvel.  When you think of the state of technology at the time it was originally designed and the fact that it still holds up today, it is truly amazing.

4. Stitch’s Great Escape
This may be the only time that with all of the negative reviews that Stitch's Great Escape! makes a Top 6 list in a good way.  The audio-animatronic figure of Stitch is state of the art and makes it worth it to come to this attraction to check it out.

3. Hall of Presidents
When it comes to advancing the realism of creating the audio animatronic human figure the Hall Of Presidents set the bar high.  The recent redesign that added a speaking role for George Washington and the President Obama figure again utilized the latest advances in technology to create an incredible show that sometimes has you forgetting that the figures aren't real.

2. Dinosaur
When it comes to audio animatronics making an attraction thrilling and exciting, the life size dinosaur figures that you encounter in the Dinosaur - Countdown to Extinction attraction win the prize.  These dinosaurs look real and move quickly and smoothly to create an exciting race through time.  You quickly embrace the gentle herbivores and fear the hungry carnivores in this fast paced attraction.

1. American Adventure
Prepare to be impressed if you have never experienced the American Adventure in Epcot's World Showcase.  This is truly a technological feat as you will encounter numerous lifelike figures from American History that add additional elements of movement never seen before.  The standing, sitting, and walking that you see will leave you in awe of the Disney Imagineers that created them.  If you watch this attraction with an eye to appreciate the technology invovled in making it happen, you will be even more amazed.

Without a doubt the American Adventure deserves the Top Spot in terms of Use of Audio Animatronics at Disney World.

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  1. awesome !!! awesome !!! awesome !!! no words :)

  2. Good list.

    Q1 - Would Pirates make your top eight?

    Q2 - Would the list change if you included extinct attractions?

    - Chris.

  3. Chris - Those are hard questions!

    I am not really sure if Pirates of the Caribbean would make the Top 8 if the list was extended. Others that come to mind for consideration include: Ellen's Energy Adventure (incredible dinosaurs), Toy Story Mania (Mr. Potato Head in ride queue), it's a small world, It's Tough To Be A Bug,& the Enchanted Tiki Room (prefer the original version.)

    Considering Extinct attractions will have to take some additional thought. There are a lot of attractions from Epcot that used audio-animations that are no longer there.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Fair enough.

    Agree completely about the Tiki Room. I suppose the list could be different for Disneyland than WDW.

    Thanks for pondering!

    - Chris

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