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Unique Shopping Experience At Disney's Animal Kingdom

At Disney's Animal Kingdom you will discover a unique shopping experience in the shop called "Ziwani Traders."  Within this Disney World shop you will find a store within a store.  The motto of Ziwani Traders, "For Best And Finest," is proudly stated on the signage of this rustic looking, metal roofed shop.

Ziwani Traders
Visitors to Disney's Animal Kingdom will find Ziwani Traders in the African Village of Harambe.  As you venture inside you will see that the Disney Imagineers brought their storytelling talents inside this store to make it much more than just another location to buy vacation souvenirs.

On the lower shelves you will find a vast array of souvenirs suited for the Disney World guests.  On the upper shelves you will discover the items that are more likely to suit the residents of Harambe and those looking to find supplies for their safari adventures.

In this picture above you can see newspapers, comics books, hats, and binoculars that are available for the locals and the intrepid travellers.

Depicted above are gas cans, electric torches and flashlights.  There is even toilet tissue with the Kilimanjaro Safaris Logo on the wrapper. 

Every traveller needs food for their trip.  The selection of canned goods includes: Melon & Ginger Jam, Tomato Paste, Unsweetened Condensed Full Cream Milk, Sliced Beetroot, Large Haricot Beans, Apples, Pineapple Jam, & Githeri.

An important supply is the folding bed and bedroll which can be obtained at Ziwani Traders.

The above picture shows Mombasa brand drinking water, water bottles, and Kilimanjaro Safaris logo drinking cups.

Camp chair and pots & pans are shown above the Explorer Mickey Mouse plush.

Lanterns, Kerosene Stoves, & Buckets also make the list of items that can be obtained at Ziwani Traders.  Whenever the brand of the item is shown it is a local one in Africa, like the Lion Brand Kerosene Heaters.

A collection of brushes are available to meet your needs.  There is also a little local flavor with a bookshelf with an interesting collection of books.

Here is a close up look at the books.  Here you can find travel books, books by Ernest Hemmingway, classics that became movies: "Born Free" & "Gorillas In The Mist."

Unique Shopping Experience
Ziwani Traders looks like an unasuming store from the outside, but has much to offer on the inside.  In addition to all of the interesting souvenirs that you can buy to remember your Disney World vacation, there are tons of theming details worthy of your time and attention.

Shops like Ziwani Traders help the Disney Imagineers tell their stories in a more full and complete manner.  Not only do the stories include the atttractions, but they also encompass the restaurants and shops that make up Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Look for these "extra" details during your next Disney World Vacation.  You will be amazed how many of these details exist all around you.

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    Wow! Very interesting. I love how Disney pays such attention to every detail.

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    What I love about Disney World is on how they package their services making every body being amazed all the time and want to come back for more. It is so magical that no one can resist (except for the kill joy). I have been in Disney almost every year but I must say it is always a brand new experience.

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