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Disney World Top 6 Resort Hotel Lobbies

The Disney World Top 6 list takes a look at the best that Disney World has to offer from a different category each week. 
Disney World Top 6 Resort Hotel Lobbies
When you vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort don't forget that the themed Disney Resort Hotels are often as much of an attraction themselves as the ones you find in the theme parks.  This week we look at the Disney World Top 6 Resort Hotel Lobbies.

6. Boardwalk Resort - Coming in at #6 the Boardwalk Villas Resort brings the charm of the Eastern Seaboard from the early 1900's.  Where else would you see a chandelier made up of horses and cupids?  The lobby here is the smallest of the ones that made the list, but it is impressive nonetheless.  It is certainly worth a side trip when you are visiting Disney's Boardwalk area to check out this lobby.

5. Polynesian Resort - Next up we take a trip to the Hawaiian Topics to visit the Polynesian Resort.  Here the lobby is adorned with lush tropical vegetation and waterfalls.  It is a little bit of Hawaii in Florida.

4. Contemporary Resort - The Grand Canyon Concourse of the Contemporary Resort, certainly makes for one of the more unique hotel lobbies, complete with Monorail station.  Probably the most impressive are the giant murals created by Disney Legend Mary Blair.  You can even locate the famous "5-Legged Goat."

3. Animal Kingdom Lodge - The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a work of art.  From the moment you step inside for the first time you are in awe of this impressive creation.  Filled with African artifacts, the thatch roofed main building with exposed rafters encourages you to explore.  The lobby is topped off with one end being a glass wall with a view of the Resort's own African Savannah.  Whether you get the opportunity to stay here or not, you definitely should visit!

2. Wilderness Lodge Resort - The Wilderness Lodge pays homage to the great National Park Lodge Buildings in the Western United States.  With giant Totem Poles and the most impressive Fireplace you may ever see, this lobby is a treat.  You can easily spend an hour checking out all of the details in the lobby and the stream that starts inside the building and feeds into a waterfall that dumps into the Resort's main pool.  Animals are carved into the woodwork everywhere you turn.  This is an absolute must see!

1. Grand Floridian Resort
One picture cannot capture the impression that seeing this lobby for the first time in person makes.  Words like opulent and elegance come to mind.  The sheer size of the lobby takes your breath away.  It is beautifully laid out.  Throughout you will find large arrangements of fresh flowers, and turn of the century artifacts.  This lobby even has a band stand on the balcony, where live bands will play for the listening pleasure of the guests.  The Grand Floridian Resort Lobby is a true Disney World experience that you should include on your next trip.

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    AKL should be number one ;-) I would live in that lobby if they would let me!

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