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15th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival marks its 15th year as it runs from October 1 - November 14, 2010.  This annual event has become the best Disney For Adults Event and one that many people look forward to each year.

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival is a combination of special events and food and wine kiosks that transform the World Showcase from a World of 11 Countries to one of 25 Countries for six wonderful weeks.

Disney World Event For Adults
Although there are plenty of Foods and all of the normal Epcot activities for children to enjoy, the Food & Wine Festival is one event that Adults will plan their own trip to Disney World without the children.  For Adults this is the ultimate way for Epcot to "Plus The Experience" (to use a Disney term.)

You can literally spend a day (or two) working your way around the World Showcase trying the various foods and beverages that are available.

The Official Food & Wine Festival Program Guide and Official Food & Wine Festival Map are helpful for getting the lay of the land and seeing all of the programs and foods that are offered before you arrive.

The 25 Kiosks that are set up around the World Showcase are really amazing when you realize that they are all temporary structures and they are all unique.  They incorporate architectural elements of the locale that they represent and often even include some landscaping or other accent elements.  Enjoy the following photos as you make a simulated stroll most of the way around the World Showcase during this year's F&W Festival.

At the Festival Shop pictured above, you can purchase Food & Wine Festival Merchandise.

No Samuel Adams History Of Beer Seminar
The last picture shows an empty space to the right of the American  Pavilion.  This area was the one big personal disappointment during this year's Food & Wine Festival.  This is the area that Samuel Adams has for the last several years set up their History Of Beer Seminars and Beer Tasting Sessions.  This was always a part of the Festival that I looked forward to each year and was greatly disappointed that they did not continue it again this year.  It was good that Samuel Adams Beers were still prominently available, but we missed the Tasting sessions.

15 Great Years Of The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival
I have had the good fortune to attend the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival several times over the past 8 or so years.  Although I have not always been a fan of the changes, I have always enjoyed the event and I continue to be a strong supporter and fan of the event. 

If you get the opportunity I would recommend that you attend the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.  Whether you attend the special dinners , the wine tasting and/or culinary demonstrations, or just enjoy the kiosks around the World Showcase it is definitely an event worth planning a special trip to Disney World to see.

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