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Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland Construction Update

Contruction continues in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in the largest expansion of this land since the Magic Kingdom in Disney World was built in 1971.

The amount of dirt being moved is evident as soon as you set foot in the current Fantasyland.  The Dumbo The Flying Elephant ride gave guests a great aerial view of the new construction. 

The striped tents you see on the far side of the above picture are from Mickey's Toon Town Fair which will be removed during a later phase of the Fantasyland Expansion.

In this picture, so can see the work that has been completed on the foundation for a new structure.  This area is closest to The Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant.

There is also current construction going on with the ride queue of Peter Pan's Flight (left side of above picture) and "it's a small world" is currently closed ( right side of above picture) for refurbishing.
Lastly, as part of the current construction, the Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh attraction ( left side of above picture) is seeing a major renovation to it's queue including the relocation of the giant tree that had been part of the children's play area nearby.

Disney World of Tomorrow
Fantasyland, as it looks today, doesn't evoke the charm of years past in its current state as massive changes are under way.  Evidence of the change is everywhere.  The frequent Disney World visitor knows that what lies ahead will be the best Fantasyland ever, but for the once in a lifetime visitor this is not quite the magical sight they had been hoping for.

Here is hoping that the construction can be completed quickly to restore the magical appearance of Disney World's Fantasyland.

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