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Fun Loving Interns At The Dino Institute In Disney's Animal Kingdom

If you step inside Restaurantosaurus at Disney's Animal Kingdom you will discover much more than a Quick Service Restaurant, you will find the home of the Interns of the Dino Institute.

These interns combine the serious academic pursuit of paleontology with good natured fun and you can catch more than a glimpse of what they are up to when you explore Restaurantosaurus.

Dino Institute Interns
Throughout Restaurantosaurus you get clues about the interns.  Nothing sets the stage better than this Welcome Letter from Dr. Bernard Dunn of the Dino Institute.

Welcome New Interns -
I would like to extend my hearfelt congratulations on your selection as a paleontological intern at the Dino Institute during the upcoming season.  It is with a sincere appreciation of both the excitement that awaits you, as well as the awareness of the seriousness of the scholarly endeavor on which you are about to embark, that I wish you great success.  You have been chosen from a well qualified and large applicant pool because of your vigorous pursuit of academics and the earnestness of your desire through paleontology, to hunt for clues into our planet's past.  As we say here at the institute, "Uncovering the mysteries of the past is the key to the future."  I am certain, as has been our experience in previous seasons, that you will serve with dignity, diligence, and decorum and, in so doing, become part of the proud half century tradition that is the Dino Institute.
This Welcome Letter appears beneath the "Poker - My Place 7:00PM" notice and next to the "Tomorrow is Hawaiian Shirt Day" Poster.

This certainly sets the stage for what you will see and discover.
You will also find the following notice to the interns:

Young Ladies & Gentlemen,
Please restrain your youthful exuberance and cease all loud conduct after 11 PM. We “fossils” need our sleep and the lofty cause of paleontological excavation is not well served by late night bacchanals in the commissary. The chandeliers are quite a bit older than yourselves. Please do not swing from them. We are responsible to your august Alma Maters and would be loath to have to send someone back in a plaster cast.

With all due respect,
Dr. B. Dunn

Intern Living Quarters/Bunk Room
The living quarters for the interns can be found within Restaurantosaurus.  The interns sleep in a large loft stuffed with their belongings.  The walls are full of pictures and there is tons of dinosaur related memoriabilia.

The decorating definitely looks like the work of college students. 

If you glance up into the lofts you want to spend a good deal of time taking in all of the details.  There is so much to see. 

Explore Restaurantosaurus - Home Of The Interns
The fun loving interns have left a lot of items for you to see in Restaurantosaurus.  The pictures here are mainly from the Bunk Room and there are several more rooms to explore.  Restaurantosaurus is suprisingly big on the inside.

You could easily spend 30 minutes just seeing all there is and reading some of the interesting postings on the bulletin boards.  The letters shown in the beginning of this Blog post were but a taste of what you can find.  You will get a sense of some of the more outgoing interns, like Jennie and Animal, and the life they lead while working at the Dino Institute. 

This is certainly one of my favorite places to explore at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  There are always new details to unearth and more to learn.  It is not an "official" Animal Kingdom attraction, but maybe it should be.  Few people take the time to discover this place and therefore miss out.

The food isn't all that special, but whether you come to eat or just to explore, make sure that Restaurantosaurus is on your list of Animal Kingdom attractions to see.

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