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Epcot Sounds Like Summer Concert Series

During the Summer Epcot presents free nightly concerts called the "Sounds Like Summer" Concert Series.

These concerts feature tribute bands who capture both the sound and the look of megabands like the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, U2, and Bon Jovi.

The unique feature about these bands is that they each had to get the endorsement of the band they are paying tribute to or else Disney World would not sign them to perform.

Each night there are 3 performances at : 5:45, 7 and 8:15 p.m.  The set list changes for each performance so you may want to catch more than one show.

Slippery When Wet
Recently I had the opportunity to catch the Bon Jovi Tribute Band - "Slippery When Wet" perform.  They were excellent and put on a great show.  I was impressed with the quality and sound of the band.  They really did sound a lot like the real Bon Jovi.

Slippery When Wet played a number of classic Bon Jovi hits spanning from the '80's to a couple of their more recent hits.  The lead singer, Jason Morey, certainly bore a resemblance to Jon Bon Jovi and more importantly sounded like him. 

According to the Slippery When Wet Website:
Slippery When Wet - The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute was formed in 2003 by Jason Morey after answering many inquiries of "Are you Jon Bon Jovi?". Most notably comedian Dave Chappelle invited Jason backstage following one of his comedy shows thinking that he was the New Jersey icon. It was then that Jason knew he had to take advantage of the resemblance.
The rest of the band is made up of:
  • Anthony Cappolino -- Guitar
  • Brian Nielson -- Bass
  • Paul Sahlin -- Drums

This Sounds Like Summer Concert was a great way to wrap up a day at Epcot and would be highly recommended to all!

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