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See DeVine At Disney's Animal Kingdom If You Can

Am I going crazy or did that vine just move? If I am at Disney's Animal Kingdom, I really may have noticed the vine move.

Disney's Animal Kingdom is home to one of Disney World's most unique entertainers.  Her name is DeVine.

DeVine wears a costume that does an excellent job of camouflaging her, and combined with slow movements, she blends into the jungle background.  Many times I have walked past without realizing that she was there.

She is most difficult to see when see positions herself along the edge of the Animal Kingdom's walkways.  DeVine easily blends in with the surrounding plants and trees.  You may find her acting quite vine-like wrapped around a light post.

The costume includes stilts to make the character appear much longer and narrower than a normal human form.  This certainly adds to the vine-like look and the ability to blend in.

Can You Find DeVine?
The next time that you are at Disney World's Animal Kingdom, be on the look out for DeVine. She does not show up on the entertainment schedule. She is just an extra bit of Disney magic that you will want to try to see. You'll just have to look real closely.

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  1. It is really amazing!Lust summer we were travelling to paris , we were at Disneyland , but we did not have any idea about Disney's Animal Kingdom, DO you know if they have it in Paris too?

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