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Exploring Pizzafari At Disney's Animal Kingdom

A Restaurant Worth Exploring
At Disney's Animal Kingdom, the theming extends beyond the attractions into the shops and restaurants.  There is no better example of this than in Pizzafari.

This Disney World Quick Service restaurant is so much more than a place to get pizza to feed your family.  The inside of this restaurant is literally a work of art, well worth exploring.

Spectacular Animal Theming
Inside of Pizzafari you will discover room after room of spectacularly themed murals and decorations.  Each room has a cohesive theme that determines the collections of animals that you may find.  The themes are not always obvious groupings.

Ornamental Animals
Within the main food service area the theme is Ornamental Animals.  Here you will find peacocks, butterflies, clownfish, and others.

The colorful murals surround you and even go into the kitchen area.  Every where you look you are surrounded by bright color.
Don't Forget To Look Up!
When you are touring Pizzafari, don't forget to look up.  Throughout Pizzafari they use all available spaces, including the rafters and ceilings to fill with themed creations.  In the main food service area you will find many carved butterflies adorning the rafters.  In the above picture you can see the peacock that dominates the main wall above the food service counter.

Just Hanging Around
This next room features animals that spend a great deal of time hanging upside down.  Here you can see, monkeys, opossums, bats, and snakes.

Take Your Home With You
This room features animals who carry their home with them.  Here you can spy turtles, snails, & kangaroos.

Nocturnal Animals
One room is dedicated to animals that are noctural and roam the night.  This room includes tigers, owls, wolves, and raccoons.

Disney Legendary Artist Frank Armitage
Frank Armitage, a legendary Disney artist who worked on animation backgrounds and layout for such feature films as Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Man In Space, Mary Poppins, and The Jungle Book, was lured out of retirement to create the spectacular murals for Pizzafari.  His work is seen showcased in this room that features animals that can camouflage themselves in their habitats.

Here you will find leopards, tigers, deer, lions, fox, and polar bears.

Oaxacan Wood Carvings
The wood carvings that you see throughout Pizzafari on the walls, rafters, and celings are authentic Oaxacan Wood Carvings from Mexico.  If you look closely at the carvings you can recognize the Oaxacan style that is also featured in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot.

Pizzafari Menu
Just in case you happen to want to eat while you are exploring the Pizzafari artwork, they do conveniently also serve food here.  As you can see in the menu below, they serve Pizza, salads, Hot Italian-Style Sandwich.

Pizzafari - A World To Explore
During your next trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom, Pizzafari should be on your list of attractions to explore.  The detailed theming inside this Disney Quick Service restaurant is well worth the time to check out.  On a hot day this also makes a great air conditioned break for your family.

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