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Disney World Parks - Staying Cool In The Summer Heat

During the Summer it certainly gets hot in central Florida, so knowing how to cool off while touring the Disney World Parks is a big benefit.

We'll show you locations in each park that are outside of your typical attractions that will enable to get a little wet and cool off to beat that summer heat.

 Magic Kingdom
Although everyone knows that you can get wet on Splash Mountain here are a couple of Magic Kingdom locations that allow you to get a little wet and cool off.

In Tomorrowland you can find the Cool Scanner that will spray you with a mist that is certainly refreshing on a hot day in the Magic Kingdom.
One way to trick your friends is to have them pose for a picture in front of the Giant Camel at The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  This camel spits water on unsuspecting passersby.  It can either be a great shock or a way to cool off.

The Tiki's in Adventureland are a great source of fun.  They have mistings and randomly shoot out streams of water on those who come to check them out.  Fun for kids and those looking to cool off.


Although Epcot doesn't have any real "water" rides that will get you wet, it does have several places to cool off during your visit.  The fun fountains pictured above are found in Future World near Mission Space and Test Track.

For those that don't wish to play in the fountains there are these great misters also found in Future World near Ellen's Energy Adventure.

Also in Future World, near Test Track, is the Cool Wash where you can indulge in refreshing misters after walking on the hot pavement.

There is another set of fun fountains and misters on the walkway connecting Future World to the World Showcase.

Lastly, you have the dancing fountains found outside of the Imagination Pavilion.  You can get wet if you try to catch the jumping streams of water.

Animal Kingdom

Everyone agrees it can get very hot at Disney's Animal Kingdom in the Summer.  There are several misters located throughout the park to help you cool off.  One of the bigger set of misters can be found in Africa near  Tamu Tamu Refreshments.

In Asia you can find this playful fountain that you can use to get wet and cool off a little bit.
Hollywood Studios

In Hollywood Studios this umbrella prop that simulates the famous Gene Kelly scene from Singing In The Rain makes a great photo opportunity as it sprays water as you pose underneath.

You can also find a giant Coke Bottle outside of the Backlot Studio Tour that likes to shoot water at unsuspecting guests.

Getting Wet At Disney World
During your next summer vacation at Disney World remember that there are many opportunities to get wet besides the traditional water rides like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids.

By taking advantage of these refreshing cooling stations, you can make your day much more enjoyable while visiting the Disney Parks in the Florida heat.

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