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Only WDWorld Launches New Disney World Community On Lunch.com

Only WDWorld has launched a new Disney World Community on Lunch.com to create a place for Disney World Fans to interact utilizing the tools on the Lunch.com site to write reviews about their favorite Disney World topics and rate the reviews of others.

LOS ANGELES, CA and AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - March 12, 2010) - Lunch (http://www.lunch.com), a social media website that connects people to their common ground with others, today announced the release of 'Communities on Lunch,' its most significant expansion to date. The feature allows people to create and curate their own personalized review websites on the Lunch platform. Communities on Lunch uniquely provide the 'review' context, an unprecedented format for connecting around shared interests online. This environment draws out more useful content around niche topics, encouraging substantially more people to feel comfortable contributing quality content that can genuinely benefit others.

The release of Communities on Lunch represents the next evolution of user generated content, culminating the brand's overall strategy to elicit the most thoughtful, relevant, and compelling content online.

Only WDWorld Community
The Only WDWorld Community on Lunch.com is different in that YOU are asked to share your knowledge and your experiences to contribute by writing reviews, lists, discussions, or micro-reviews. By having many different people with many different experiences to share, it is the hope that this site will become a fantastic resource for all Disney World fans and people looking to learn more about the Walt Disney World Resort.

The combination of many, many Disney "experts" contributing to their favorite Disney World topics will create a virtual Disney World Guide that will far surpass that of any one person's opinion. By using the Lunch.com rating system, the best reviews for each topic will make their way to the top of the list, allowing you to find the information that you are looking for.

 Here are some screenshots from the actual site:

The Only WDWorld Community has gotten off to a great start through the help of some fellow Disney Bloggers that have been contributing reviews:
Join the Only WDWorld Community
The Only WDWorld Blog will continue to bring you Disney World news and articles on various Disney World topics ranging from the Disney Dining Plan to unadvertised activities to try during your next Disney World vacation.

The new Only WDWorld Community will utilize the powerful Lunch.com platform to create a more intelligent interactive site that will allow you to leave reviews and read the best reviews from others on the Disney World topics that you are interested in.  This will be a much more useful platform that just a message board site, with honest, first hand experienced reviews to check out.

This community is for the Disney World Expert, as well as the family planning their first trip.  I hope you will take the time to check it out, and become a member of our growing community.  It will continue to get better as it grows.

To join:  Only WDWorld Community

To follow on Twitter:  OnlyWDWorldComm

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  1. Great job organizing that for all of us..You write some really informative & helpful reviews!

  2. Thanks Chip - I appreciate all of your help and that of the tremendous Disney World Blogging community.

  3. Gray says:

    Wow, it's live already! It's really sweet of you to mention me here, even though I haven't had time to add many reviews (but I plan to!). Congrats on the launch! I can't wait to read what everyone has to say there.

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