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Chester & Hester's Primeval Whirl At Disney's Animal Kingdom

Chester & Hester's Time Machine
At Disney's Animal Kingdom, Dinoland has the serious Dino Institute, and the not-so-serious Chester & Hester's Dino Rama which is a full-on tribute to the larger than life Tourist Attractions along Route 66 in its hey day.

As the story goes, Chester & Hester, did not want to be outdone by the Dino Institute and the fancy time machines that they had.  So, they quickly created their own time machine like contraption to lure in the gullible tourists.

Exciting Little Roller Coaster
Although you may not travel back in time, you will get a fun filled ride. The "time machine" ride vehicle spins as it travels along the track.  This makes the sharp turns and twists of the track even more thrilling.  Even without a big hill, the spinning and quick changes of direction make this a roller coaster worthy of checking out.

Added in the spring of 2002, the Primeval Whirl uses bright colors and playful artwork of various dinosaurs to entertain the riders.  The mood is light and fun.  The props comically depict the dinosaurs realizing that their extinction is at hand.

Usually this roller coaster will have the shortest wait time of any roller coaster in Disney World.  It is often 20 minutes or less. 
A word of caution to those who do not like rides that spin.  Although it does not spin as much as the Mad Tea Party, the Time Machines do make several rotations as they make their way around the roller coaster track.
While you are riding Primeval Whirl make sure that you read the signs and take in all of the details.  There is a lot to see and rarely do you notice all of it the first time that you ride.

Recommended Attraction
Definitely put this whimsical roller coaster on your list of attractions to do during your next trip to the Animal Kingdom.  The over the top theming and quick turning ride vehicle make this a recommended attraction.

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