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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Offers Unique Resort Experience

Unique Disney World Resort
The Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Animal Kingdom Villas at the Walt Disney World Resort present a unique experience to resort guests.  Here the lodge is not only themed  to bring the feel of Africa, but the resort has its own savannahs to view native African wildlife.

Many of the rooms at the resort are designated as Savannah View.  This means that your room has a balcony with a view of one of the resort's savannahs.  The views are breathtaking and it is an wonderful experience to sit with your coffee in the early morning and watch the animals roam around. 

Many of the best viewing experiences happy in the early morning as it is still quiet and the animals are more active before the heat of the day sets in.  The feeling is almost surreal as you take it all in.

Bringing The African Savannah To Florida
There are over 33 acres of wildilfe preserve for the resort.  These are divided into several savannah grassland areas that wrap around the resorts and provide room for the animals to roam.

Some of the 30 species of animals that you may see include:

Ankole Cattle, Bongo, Eland, Grant's Zebra, Impala, Reticulated Giraffe, Thomson's Gazelle, African Spoonbill, Red River Hog, White-Bearded Wildebeest, & Ostrich.

The graceful giraffes are family favorites to watch, as well as, the ostriches.

Great Views Of The Animals For All Guests
One of the great parts of both the main Animal Kingdom Lodge (referred to as Jambo House) and the new Kidani Village is that you do not have to have a savannah view room to have an opportunity to view the animals on the savannahs.

There are great public areas for viewing the animals.  At Jambo House they have Arusha Rock, which is an elevated stone platform that provides the opportunity for great close-up views of the animals.  Kidani Village has a smaller, but similar viewing area that is pictured below.  Often they will have cast members available to answer your questions about the animals. 

To make the resort's savannahs more closely resemble the native grasslands of the animals, Disney has planted thousands of indigenous African shrubs and grasses. They have also included the copperpod, which is the most recogized canopy tree of Africa.

The resorts also have additional viewing areas with rocking chairs, so that you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy the sights of the savannah.  There is no pre-staged animal show, the animals are free to roam, but they will go to certain areas to feed, usually in the early morning.

The savannahs are accessible for viewing 24 hours a day.  The resort staff also has night viewing goggle sessions each evening for a special animal viewing experience.

Memorable Disney World Vacation Experience
Staying at either the Animal Kingdom Lodge or Animal Kingdom Villas creates a memorable vacation experience.  This is truly unlike any other resort.  The theming and attention to detail is incredible.  The ability to view the animals automatically puts a calming, relaxing, feel to your stay.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge can be a vacation destination unto its self.  To then realize that you still have all of Disney World left to experience can almost be overwhelming. 

This resort is highly recommend for all who are planning a Disney World Vacation to try at least once.  The experience is one that you will always remember.

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    I just love to travel. Through traveling I get the chance to relax, unwind, and most of all appreciate the wonders of the world. Last year was my most memorable travel so far because for the first time I get to travel with my little angel in Disney World. She is three and traveling with her is not very easy but I love it. I find it very perfect traveling with her.

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