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Pollo Campero Is Bringing Its Latin Chicken To Downtown Disney

Pollo Campero, in conjunction with franchisee Levy Campero, is opening up a new restaurant in the Downtown Disney Marketplace.

Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan based fast food restaurant that is very successful in Latin America.  The chain now has over 300 restaurants in 12 countries, serving over 85 million customers annually.  Pollo Campero is known for its chicken. 

According to the company website: "Our Latin flavored chicken is hand-prepared every day, seasoned with our special herbs and spices, marinated slowly and served with a zest and passion for making our guests feel at home."

This new addition to Downtown Disney will be replacing the McDonald's currently found near the Lego Imagination Center.  Construction is beginning soon for an expected opening in November of 2010.

From an interview of Pollo Campero President, Juan Jose Gutierrez by Prensa Libre, Only WDWorld has learned that:
  • Negotiations have been going on with Disney for 4 years in preparation for this restaurant.
  • "It represents great pride and satisfaction to have completed negotiations, both as a company and as a mark of Guatemala."
  • They expect 15 to 20 times more traffic than a typical Pollo Campero restaurant, so they had to redesign their logistics, equipment, and processes to be able to handle the increased number of customers.
  • This 10,000 sqft space is 5 times bigger than a typical Pollo Campero.
Expanded Menus
In addition to the great, flovorful chicken that they are known  for, they will also offer tasty alternative dishes such as fried yucca, sweet plantains, and Latin drinks including horchata and tamarind.  You will also find other healthy alternatives, such as salads added especially to this Downtown Disney location.

Great Addition To Downtown Disney
The addition of Pollo Campero continues the trend of Disney World partnering with outside firms to bring great international flavors and options to Downtown Disney.  Add this to the list of current choices: Cooke's of Dublin, Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant, Portobello, & Paradisio 37 Street Foods Of The Americas.

We'll close with a (translated) quote from Pollo Campero President Juan Jose Gutierrez: "For decades, Walt Disney World has introduced its visitors to a rich cultural experience. We contribute to the cultural heritage of the park, helping visitors discover the unique flavors and the proximity of Latin-style family meals."

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