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Coming Soon To The Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center

The Disney World version of Tomorrowland depicts "The Future That Never Was."  During a recent visit these posters were spotted touting the upcoming events for the Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center.

The first event to look forward to is the "Recreational Rocket Vehicle Show."   Brought to you by the fine folks at R.V. Launching Attractions this show features the latest in:
  • Touch Down and Camp Family Wagons
  • All Atmosphere Portable Habitats
  • Low Gravity ATV Hover Cycles
  • Cryogen Rated Backpacking Gear
  • L-5 Cosmic Condo Timeshares
  • Hot and Cold Meteor Showers
  • Solar Sail Catamarans
For the adventurous there will also be these activities available:
  • Preview Outer Planet Vacation Spots in their Holo-Torium
  • Zero Gravity, High Impact Aerobics Seminars
  • Ammonia Surfing Virtual Simulators
  • Hand-Tooled Asteroid Belts
  • A seminar to "Cope with Warp-Lag and have a fun vacation"

The other upcoming event to mark on your calendars is the "Space Collectibles Convention."  At this convention you can see Exotic Off-World Plants, Meet Famous Celebrity Aliens, & Taste Tantalizing Intergalactic Food.

  • Rare Memorabilia from the Galaxy M-31 Multi Worlds' Fair
  • Classic Marswood Furniture
  • Fantastic Faraway Fossils
  • The Latest Galaxy M27 Sports Equipment
  • One Of A Kind Mercury Marble Statues
  • Amazing Asteroid Art
Those that come early can register to win a trip for two aboard the Martian Princess Space Yacht.

Discover Tomorrowland
During your next visit to the Magic Kingdom take the time to take in all of the details and learn a little more about "The Future That Never Was."

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