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Tomorrowland Presents The "Future That Never Was!"

Whether you refer to it as the “Future That Never Was” or “Retro-Futuristic”, Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom represents a view of the future taken from the great Science Fiction writers of the 1920’s and 30’s.

This great re-imagining of the future as dreamed about in the early 20th century is depicted in the two posters from Tomorrowland that are featured today.

Tomorrowland Towers – “While You’re Here, Look Us Up!”

As touted in the poster, the Tomorrowland Towers Hover-Hotel , “We’re Far Above The Rest.”

This hotel is located “Three Miles Directly Above Tomorrowland on the Atmosphere Three Skyway Exit.”

The amenities include:
• Luxurious Gravity and Antigravity Suites
• Easy Access Landing Pads
• Helpful Robot Valets In Every Room
• Jupiter Water Mineral Baths
• Venus Rock Grotto
• Award Winning Automat
• FREE On-Earth Picture Phone Calls

During Your Visit Take In A Concert

Proudly brought to you by the “Loyal Order Of Little Green Beings” is Leonard Burnedstar conducting the Martian Pops Orchestra.

They will be performing: “The Opus Outer Space Concerto in Ursa Minor”

Accompanied by Mars Vocalists: Caruso Universo and Maria Phobos Deimos with special guest stars: Sirius, Centauri, Procyon.

Much To Behold In The “Future That Never Was”

Take the time during your next Disney World vacation to check out the signs and posters that are found throughout Tomorrowland. You will find many examples like these that help portray the fanciful vision of the future that spawned so many great real future inventions.

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