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Relax On A Resort Launch At Disney World

With all of the wonderful forms of transportation at Disney World, one of the least used is the Resort Launch.

A Resort Launch is a boat that travels from one of the Disney World Resorts along the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake (Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge, Ft. Wilderness Campground, Polynesian Resort, and Grand Floridian Resort) to the Magic Kingdom.

You do not have to be staying at one of these resorts in order to use the launches.  Just walk down to the dock and hop aboard. 

The launches provide a relaxing cruise across the man-made lakes to take you from the Magic Kingdom to the Resorts and back.  During the trip you get great views of the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Contemporary Resorts, as well as, the Magic Kingdom. 

This is a great way to travel in order to check out some of these interesting resorts.  If you have not visited the Wilderness Lodge or the Grand Floridian Resort, I would highly recommend it.  It is ceratinly worth a couple of hours to check these places out. 

One of the best ways is to plan on having a lunch or dinner at the resort and use the adventure as a break during your day at the Magic Kingdom.  You could return to the park after your meal if you wish and take another Boat Launch ride back. 

One of my personal favorite Disney World Tips is using the launch to travel to the Polynesian Resort to get the Tonga Toast at Captain Cook's for breakfast.  There is no better way to start out your day!

During your next Disney World Vacation take the path less traveled and try a relaxing boat launch ride to a resort you've never visited or return to an interesting favorite like the Wilderness Lodge or the Polynesian Resort.

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