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Epcot Gets Great New Attraction Called "The Sum Of All Thrills"

On Tuesday of last week while at Disney World, I had the opportunity to experience first hand Epcot’s newest attraction on its opening day: “The Sum Of All Thrills” found in the Innoventions East Pavilion.

This new attraction is sponsored by Raytheon and it is something that you want to check out for yourself!

Like most attractions in the Innoventions Pavilions there are learning aspects involved with the experience. “The Sum Of All Thrills” eschews the benefits of math and science and encourages folks to consider becoming an engineer (for the next 20-30 minutes if not for a career).

Amongst all of the great things that engineers can innovate and design, thrill rides are the topic for the day. By utilizing the specialized tools provided, the guests will get to design their own thrill ride and then test it out on the special simulators.

The simulators are specially designed robots by KUKA with 6 axis motion that when combined with a special viewing screen, allow you to experience the thrills of the ride that you designed.

The Sum Of All Thrills
The Briefing RoomThe attraction starts with a short video clip, where you are introduced to the attraction and told about the importance of math and science to engineers. By utilizing tools fueled by math and science the engineers can design great things.

Then it is explained what the guest will get to do.

Design Your Own Thrill Ride
A special interactive computer allows you to create your personal thrill ride. The process starts by picking one of 3 choices: Bobsled, Roller Coaster, or Jet. Each one gets a little wilder, so it is up to you to decide how daring you are.

After your initial choice, you start to pick elements for your ride. Again they range from relatively mild to wild. After the element is chosen you can further customize it by adjusting the size and speed. The machine will show you if you have picked a combination that will work or will crash. If it crashes, you can make adjustments to fix it.


After several more elements are chosen, then you name your creation and it is saved onto a card with a magnetic strip.

The Simulator
The last and most fun phase is to actually ride your creation. You give your card to the person manning the simulator (there are 4 identical simulators), who will swipe the card in a reader and the information will transfer to the simulator.


You then get in the simulator and they lower the hatch to bring the view screen into view and hold you in position. (There is a panic button that you can press to stop at any point if you so desire.) Then the simulation begins. It is unbelievably smooth. You experience the movements, turns, and motion of a roller coaster without the jerks and jarring rattles that sometimes accompany the coasters.

I think that the only thing missing was the sensation of wind blowing as you went along the track. If they could add that feature, I think you would get the full sensation of the speed that you are simulation. Otherwise I would rate this very highly.

I have tried the Roller Coaster Simulator at DisneyQuest and although it is very similar, this simulator provides a better overall experience.


"The Sum Of All Thrills" is a great addition to Innoventions East and should definitely be added to your list of Future World attractions to see during your next trip to Disney World and Epcot.

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