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Disney World Is Becoming Greener

The Walt Disney World Resort has made many visible steps in order to be environmentally responsible. They have shown that they are serious when it comes to being "Green".

Everywhere you look when you visit Disney World, you will see signs of these environmental stewardship initiatives.

There has been great focus put on recycling, water usage reduction, energy usage reduction, and reduction of waste.

The Disney World Resort recycles over 18,000 tons of material each year.

Resort Initiatives
In your resort rooms you will notice the recycling containers, energy star appliances, low flow toilets and shower heads, and notes that describe their water reduction efforts in terms of towel laundering.

In fact the Disney World Resort have qualified for the prestigious Florida Green Lodging designation by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

This certification is achieved by adopting practices that address 5 specific areas including: water and energy conservation, education and awareness, waste reduction and indoor air quality.

Some of the initiatives adopted include:

  • Encouraging Guests to minimize environmental impact through re-use of towels and linens during their stay
  • Over 5 million plastic Guest Room key cards are recycled each year
  • Automatic lights, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL's) and CO² sensors have been installed throughout the convention centers
  • Recycling bins located in all guest rooms
  • Water conservation efforts including low flow shower heads and toilets
  • Composting of food waste not donated to Second Harvest
  • Employee training on recycling and resource conservation
Park Initiatives
Throughout the parks you will notice recycling containers as well as the normal trash containers.

Education is a key component and the new exhibit sponsored by Waste Management called "Don't Waste It" at Epcot Innoventions East is part of this educational process. The exhibit shows how each family can make positive changes in the amount of waste they generate yearly.

Water Conservation and recycling is key to the vast irrigation systems used to maintain all of the lush plant and flowers throughout the parks. In total the Walt Disney World Resort reclaims over 12,000,000 gallons of water per day.

The Animal Kingdom even utilizes the animal manure to provide fertilizer.

The Shopping Areas

You will even notice the Environmental initiatives in the shops at the Walt Disney World Resort.
With signs like "Choose to reuse" visibly posted in the stores, you can detect the strong presence of the Disney Corporate Green Standard.

Throughout the Walt Disney World Resort incandescent lighting has been replaced by compact fluorescent bulbs. To date over 176,325 bulbs have been converted.

Join The Cause

Disney World makes is easy for you to act "Greener" while you are vacationing.

Recycling containers are nearby, so why not recycle.

Water conservation iniatives are inplace, so it is easy for you to use less water. If you agree to reuse your room towels, then you are helping even more.

Even the extra food that is prepared doesn't go to waste as it is donated to the local Second Harvest Food Bank ( over 700,000 lbs annually) and feeds more than 1,000 of central Florida's needy children weekly. Any food that can't be donated is composted.

Follow their lead and develop some Green Habits during your next vacation.

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