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What Makes Disney World Great? - The Details!

One of the things that makes Disney World so great is all of the little touches and details that they use to tell their stories.

Here are a few examples found in the Magic Kingdom at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor attraction in the queue area outside the main theater.

Starting off is a bulletin board that shows supposed newspaper and magazine clipping from reviews of the Laugh Floor show with the headline "Here's What The Critics Are Saying".

Comments such as:

  • "These Monsters are so funny it's scary!" from the Monstropolis Horn
  • "I laughed. I cried. Then I laughed again. Then I cried one more time. Then I sighed. Then I coughed. Then I had a lozenge." from the Monstropolis Voice
  • "Five tentacles (out of eight)" from The Tentacle Times.
  • "Two claws way out!" from Ebola and Rodent.

Many people will never even notice this bulletin board, but those who take the time will love it and be further drawn into the story Disney World is telling.

Next is a bulletin board not unlike ones that people in workplaces across America may see in their lunchrooms or break rooms. It contains a variety of "work related" postings and other miscellaneous postings from co-workers.

Here are some of the examples:

  • Monster Occupational & Safety Hazard Poster (This poster is hilarious. Click on the picture so that you can read the whole thing. The Disney Imagineers did a great job putting this together.)
  • Repetitive Scare Injury (RSI) poster with top guidelines like: #2 For every mean face, make a happy face; #5 Sing after you scream; & #12 Wash your claws after every shift.
  • Index card post for: "Bowling Team Tryouts Friday at 6:00 pm (slitherers welcome)"
  • The infamous roommate wanted post: "Single Eyed Monster seeks 3-eyed room-mate to share 2-monster cave. Running water. Nice View. No Fire breathers."

Lastly is a vending machine with some unusual snack choices:

  • "Primordial Ooze"
  • Want some candy ? How about a "Same Old RACCOON Bar"
  • "Sugar, Salt, & Fat"
  • Don't forget the pouch of "Polyvinyl Chloride"

Details Everywhere

These are just a few of the details put into an area in which you only spend a few minutes while waiting to get into the theater for the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Show.

You may have walked by them yourself without ever even noticing them before.

What you would notice is if they weren't there at all, because then it wouldn't be Disney World anymore. We come to expect all of these details that bring the stories and attractions to life for us.

These details are what fill in the pieces and provide depth to the stories they tell. This is what allows frequent visitors to always find new things to notice even on attractions they've visited many times before.

Enjoy your next visit to Disney World and don't forget to take the time to pause in front of a bulletin board to check out the items posted on it. You won't be disappointed.

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