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Two Weeks Until We Return To Disney World

Today is two weeks away from our return to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Even frequent visitors like ourselves look forward to each visit. As we get closer to the actual trip other things matter less and more and more time is spent thinking about the trip.

What has been a long planning process of around 9 months in this case is coming to fruition.

Each trip is special and we try to make each one different from any others. Fortunately at Disney World, it is easy to do something new each trip because of all there is to do. There is no fear that we will ever run out of new things to try.

This trip we will get to check out the Animal Kingdom Villa's new Kidani Village area that was recently completed. We are certainly looking forward to checking it out, and it will definitely be a topic of future articles after the trip.

After one night at Kidani Village, we are moving to the Caribbean Beach Resort for the next 6 nights. We had previously expected to spend our entire trip at the Animal Kingdom Villas, but the FREE DINING Promotion proved to be too good to pass up.

Also on our list of new experiences will be to check out the Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campground. Specifically we would like to see the free campfire and sing along with Chip and Dale. Hopefully that will work out. There are so many activities offered at Ft. Wilderness and we would like to get a closer look.

Although the planning process started a long time ago, we try to plan the basic elements, but not plan so much that we feel trapped by the schedule.

For us the pre-trip planning includes:

  • Resort reservations
  • Decision on Park Tickets
  • Dining Reservations (1 sit down meal per day for Free Dining with Disney Dining Plan).
  • Look up park hours and Extra Magic Hour Parks.
  • Decide on "new" items to check out during upcoming trip.

and that's it! This gives us the basics, but leaves a lot of flexibility to modify based upon the weather or the mood that we are in while we are there.

We spend time deciding what each person wants to see and we enjoy looking up the Restaurant menus to decide what we might each at each restaurant.

It will be two long weeks, but somehow we will persevere and make it to August 15th. The countdown calendar on our computer will help us track down to the hour, how much more we have to wait.

The rest of the world will just have to understand if we are a bit preoccupied over the next two weeks, because WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!

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