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Birthday, Wedding, or Anniversary - Disney World Is The Place To Celebrate

Whether you have an upcoming Birthday, Wedding, or Anniversary, the Walt Disney World Resort is the place to hold your special celebration.

Helping you celebrate is one of their specialties.

Here are some Disney World celebrating facts:
  • Over 400,000 Walt Disney World guests proudly wore their celebratory Disney Happy Birthday Pin to share their special day this past year.
  • Approximately 1,600 couples tie the knot each year at Walt Disney World Resort in various storybook settings throughout property.
  • Since September 1991, Walt Disney World Resort has hosted more than 30,000 fairytale weddings.
  • The Wedding Pavilion can host up to six weddings per day, and up to 12 weddings can occur each day at various locations on Walt Disney World property.
  • Walt Disney World is a honeymooner’s paradise with some 10,000 lovebirds enjoying romantic bliss and fun times at the Vacation Kingdom each year.
  • Culinary wizards whip up more than 2,000 decorative wedding cakes a year for couples exchanging vows at Walt Disney World Resort.
  • More than 300 soon-to-be-grooms have popped the question --"Will you marry me" at Cinderella’s Royal Table this past year.
  • Some 80,000 high school seniors will celebrate graduation during the annual Grad Nite party at Walt Disney World Resort. Disney has hosted the event for 36 years with a variety of acts from KC and the Sunshine Band to Jessica Simpson.

Helping people Celebrate their special moments is a daily event at the Walt Disney World Resort. Thousands of people each year choose to do their celebrating at the "Happiest Place on Earth"....and who can blame them!

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