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Only WDWorld Celebrates 200th Post Milestone With A Look Back And A View Of What's Ahead

It's remarkable that Only WDWorld has reached its 200th post already, less than 11 months after its start in August of 2008.

Like many TV shows and magazines, we thought it would be a good idea to look back at what we've accomplished in that time and then look ahead to see the direction that we are headed.

The beginning of the 1st Only WDWorld post stated:
There are some places that only take a mention of the name to bring a memory to mind that changes your mood and removes the stress and tension from your normal routine. For me, the Walt Disney World Resort is such a place.

During the 2nd post we stated the reason for naming our blog Only WDWorld and we have maintained a focus on “Only WDWorld” ever since.

After laying that foundation, we set ourselves on a course to create content that was helpful and interesting to the person doing research for their first trip, as well as, the seasoned Disney World visitor. The goal was to present a view based on experience and backed up with facts and research to provide a site that you would visit again and again to learn and to be entertained.

Instead of creating another online guidebook, the idea was to:

  • Show people how to save money by posting current promotions and “doing the math” to show which dining plans, ticket options, and resort discounts make the most sense.
  • Share experiences and discuss elements of the Walt Disney World Resort that people may overlook or not be aware of.
  • Use lots of pictures and videos to show off the “magic” of Disney World.
  • Provide a frequently updated site that people would want to visit every day or two to see what is new.

An unexpected bonus during the first 200 posts, was getting Madison to present her “Kid’s Eye View for several articles. These have been well received and her keen observations from her 10 year old point of view have been a welcomed addition to the site. We are glad that “Kid’s Eye View” will continue to be an ongoing series for the blog.

Only WDWorld has grown from one site to a family of 4 sites during this time. There is still the main blog site (Only WDWorld); a Disney World Ticket information site called Only WDWorld Tickets, a Disney Dining Plan information site named Only WDWorld Dining, and a Daily Disney World Video site (Only WDWorld Videos) that adds a new video each day showing the “magic” that words alone don’t adequately describe. We have also recently added Only WDWorld on Facebook and Twitter to make it even easier to stay in touch.

Lastly, during this time Only WDWorld has discovered many other wonderful Disney World blogs and Disney related sites written by a host of very talented people. It has been great to get a chance to interact with some of them and hope to do more in the future.

Looking forward we plan on continuing to grow the site and provide new information and ideas to incorporate into your next Disney World vacation.

We appreciate the “followers” of Only WDWorld and urge you to tell your friends about the site. We would also love to hear more of your comments and suggestions, either directly on the sites or through our presence on Facebook and Twitter.

It looks like it will be a “great big beautiful tomorrow” and Only WDWorld is glad to be able to share it with you.

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