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Is The Disney Dining Plan A Good Deal? Part II

In Part I (Is The Disney Dining Plan A Good Deal? Part I), we explored whether the Disney Dining Plan made good sense to add to your Walt Disney World Vacation options if you only had Adults in your group.

Here in Part II, we will look at: How the Disney Dining Plan rates for Children (Ages 3-9).

In order to compare the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) to paying Out of Pocket (OOP), we need to make a couple of assumptions:

  • Eat at one Table Service Restaurant per day
  • Eat at one Quick Service Restaurant per day
  • Child will order off of the Children’s menu for all meals
  • Order one Snack per day
  • Gratuities are not included
For the comparison we again chose 13 Table Service and 13 Quick Service Restaurants that are amongst the most popular at Disney World. We have included several Character Dining Experiences that you would be likely to visit if you were vacationing with Children.

Despite concerns that the Children’s menus at Walt Disney World are quite limited, you will see that the entrĂ©e choices for the comparisons are quite varied. If you have a picky eater, don't fear, most places will have the option for at least one of these child favorite entrees: macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers, or pasta with or without tomato sauce.

Please note that a beverage is included with the cost of all Child meals.

Here is what we found:

The average Child Table Service meal costs $11.56 and goes up to $12.64 during Seasonal Pricing times (which includes much of the summer and around Holidays). You will see that the Kid friendly Character Dining Buffets like Chef Mickey's and Hollywood & Vine cost more than the $10.99 per day charge for the DDP.

The average Child Quick Service meal costs $5.18. A great variety of foods can be obtained for your child that likes more than just Mac & Cheese and Chicken Fingers. Of course if you like Mac & Cheese and Chicken Fingers those are available in many places as well.

The average Snack costs $2.93. The snacks range on the low end for a soft drink to $4.00 for some of the frozen treats that children crave when visiting Disney World.

The total food cost paying OOP for a Child comes to $19.67 or $20.75 during Seasonal Pricing times.

You can clearly see the Child rate of $10.99 per day for the Disney Dining Plan is a great deal. Even if you always choose the lowest price option you cannot feed your child that cheaply at Disney World, by paying OOP. If you have children, ages 9 and under the DDP becomes a great deal saving $9.00 - $10.00 per day per child.

If you have children that are closer to the upper end of the age range and are bigger eaters, make sure that you plan Table Service meals at the buffet restaurants. This will ensure that your child will get plenty of food to eat. Some of the Children’s Meal portions are small and big eaters may not get enough food.


If you have Children travelling with you the Disney Dining Plan becomes an even better value. If you plan on eating at one Table Service restaurant per day, then the Disney Dining Plan makes a lot of sense for you to consider. You should at least break even with the adult’s meals and will definitely come out ahead with the child’s meals.

To learn more about the Disney Dining Plan check out: Only WDWorld’s Disney Dining Plan Information & Fact page. It has all of the current pricing and Dining Plan details, as well as, a list of all of the current Dining Plan Restaurants.

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