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Triceratop Spin Re-Invents Classic for Disney's Animal Kingdom

In November of 2001 Disney's Animal Kingdom added the Triceratop Spin to its Dinoland section. It was part of an addition to create this retro-tribute area, Chester & Hester's Dinorama, that pays homage to some of the old tourist destinations out west along Route 66. In a mixture of fun meets dinosaurs, two ride attractions were added: the Primeval Whirl and the Triceratop Spin.

If you look at the Triceratop Spin carefully something about it should be awfully familiar. It was patterned after the classic Dumbo attraction in the Magic Kingdom. This basic ride had been successful for Dumbo and the Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. Here it was re-invented to fit into the Animal Kingdom.

The base of the ride itself was designed to look like a 1950's era tin toy top. If you look closely at the ride the next time you are at the Animal Kingdom, you will be able to notice this.

This is a ride for all ages. It is not scary, but certainly can be a thrill for the younger visitors. For the adults, it can be a relaxing break that affords good views of the area as the 4 person Triceratop ride vehicles rise to their peak height.

Although it does not provide the heart stopping thrills of Expedition Everest or Dinosaur, the Triceratop Spin still should be on your list of attractions to experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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