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Spectromagic Lights Up the Nights at the Magic Kingdom

Disney World’s Spectromagic Parade that is shown on select nights at the Magic Kingdom shows off the Imagineers ability to come up with a top notch night time parade.

This parade follows up the earlier Main Street Electrical Parade that ended a long run in March of 2001. The imagineers worked hard to make Spectromagic even bigger and better.

Here are some technical facts about the parade:

  • It uses over 100 miles of fiber-optic cables and threads on the floats to create everything from strands of hair to giant flower blooms.
  • Over 600,000 miniature lights are used.
  • It takes over 30 mini-computers to control just the lighting effects on the floats.
  • There are 204 speakers totaling over 72,000 watts of power delivering the synchronized sounds and music for the parade.
  • 75 tons of deep-cycle batteries are used to power all of these effects. That is enough batteries to power 2,000 trucks!

During the parade the lights will go from multi-colored to all white to give Cinderella and others a truly royal look.

The Chernabog float is impressive with wings that unfold to 38 feet at various times along the parade route. You may remember Chernabog from his appearance in the movie Fantasia.

Many of your favorite Disney Characters can be seen during this parade in special lighted costumes. In the picture above you can see characters from Alice in Wonderland.

This parade is a wonder to see and you should definitely put it on your list of attractions to catch during your next visit to the Walt Disney World resort. This parade is totally different from the day time parades and the lighting effects are magnificent.

Spectromagic is certainly not an ordinary parade.

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