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Kid's Eye View of Stormalong Bay

This week Madison is here to present her Kid's Eye View of Stormalong Bay.

Take it away Madison....

Hi, I’m back and this week I’m going to talk about my favorite pool in all of Disney World – Stormalong Bay.

It’s located at the Beach Club Resort near the Boardwalk. If you’ve ever been on Disney’s Boardwalk and looked out across the water and seen the large wrecked pirate ship on the far side and wondered what it was, its part of Stormalong Bay!

It’s only a short walk from the lobby of the Beach Club Resort. You can stay at either the Beach Club or the Yacht Club to get a chance to swim at Stormalong Bay.

One thing about the pool is that it’s not just one pool but a whole group of connected pools. The pool area is over 3 ½ acres in all. As you enter the pool you don’t feel the usual cement. Instead you feel sand, like you’re actually at the ocean!

Want a workout while swimming? Well, go to the vortex as I call it. The vortex is water gushing in a circular motion in one special area of the pool. You get a real workout by trying to swim the other way.

What really catches my eye here is all of the waterfalls. Go under the water to the other side so you feel like you’re in a tiny room.

If you want more fun stuff, join in one of the games hosted by the pool staff, like water volleyball. It’s in the middle of a pool, but not that deep. All you have to do is pick a team and hit the ball over the net. Of course they use a giant beach ball as the volleyball to make things more fun.

Now I’m going to tell you about my favorite part of the pool: the water slide!

Follow the long path and board an old pirate ship. Climb up about 3 flights of stairs to get to the top of the mast. When the lifeguard says, “Okay!”, it’s time for you to go. The water slide goes straight for the about the first 50 feet, then you enter the swirls. While you go down you are sliding around and around and around. That makes me dizzy just thinking about it. Watch out for the mini waterfalls! Then plop, you’ve landed.

This is definitely my favorite pool. Bye!

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