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Disney World's Hidden Treasures - Epcot's Candy Lady

If you are looking for a worthwhile Disney World attraction that doesn't get enough attention, then I have the tip for you. Today I will tell you about Miyuki - Epcot Japan's Candy Lady.

This energetic Japanese Woman takes the Japanese Rice Candy which looks like taffy and deftly transforms it into wonderful animal shapes before your eyes.

Using her fingers and a small pair of scissors, she creates the requested animals right before your eyes. With a flair of old fashioned showmanship, she talks her way through each step of the creation process.

I cannot tell you how many times I had been to Epcot, before I bothered to stop and check out this wonderful entertainer. Even someone like myself that preaches taking your time in Disney World in order to be able to enjoy all the magic that surrounds you, had never taken the time to really check it out.

Now that I have, I am really glad that I did. During the time that I watched, she made a monkey and a horse. It was really amazing watching how she transformed the gooey rice candy into a work of art.

The next time that you are in Epcot, remember to seek out Miyuki in Japan and catch one of her wonderful demonstrations. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to keep her completed creation.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My son was one of the lucky recipients of the finshed candy art once. We managed to keep it intact through the rest of the day only to have it melt in the Florida humidity when we got home. But it's fun to watch, like the glass makers are. - Mike

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