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Flights of Wonder Performers Are Real Animals

The performers during the Flights of Wonder show are real animals.....literally!

At Disney World's Animal Kingdom the live animals certainly differentiate the park from the other three. Talented, free flying birds are the stars of the show during Flights of Wonder.

The Flights of Wonder show is located in the Animal Kingdom’s Asia section. This is currently the only live performance within Disney World that includes real live animals.

As the name implies the show is focused upon animals of the winged variety. You can see vultures, hawks, Amazon parrots, crowned cranes, macaws, and an American Bald Eagle.

The set for the show looks like an ancient crumbling temple. You are introduced to a variety of species of birds and learn about their habits and abilities. Some comedy is worked into the show to keep it lively and entertaining for all ages in the audience.

The show was developed by Disney in collaboration with Steve Martin of Natural Encounters Inc. They focus on displaying the natural behavior of birds as opposed to birds acting like humans.

Here is a quote from the Natural Encounters inc. website: “Rather we strive to introduce audiences to free-flight and natural bird behavior, which most people find more interesting and entertaining than birds acting like people. The entertainment of birds "doing what they do best" is the vehicle for a conservation message that is the underlying theme of every show. “

The show fits with the overall theme of the Animal Kingdom with respect to animals, favoring understanding, respect, and conservation over exploitive stunts.

This is a show that is entertaining and educational for all ages. There is some audience participation involved in the show and a number of birds fly very close to members of the audience. At the conclusion of the show you are able to get up close to the birds and take pictures and talk to the trainers to ask questions and learn more.

I would definitely recommend visiting this attraction during your next day at the Animal Kingdom.

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