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Explore the Kilimanjaro Safari

The Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safari has to be one of my favorite Walt Disney World attractions. I love seeing all of the animals in their natural habitat settings.

This certainly is an attraction worthy of many pictures. Check out the photo album of pictures from the Safari found after this post.

During the Safari you board the ride vehicle and enter the Harambe Wildlife Preserve. Here you encounter a variety of wildlife on the African Savannah. This is not the kind of animatronic wildlife that you would find on the Jungle Cruise, this is the living, breathing type of wildlife. You will see a multitude of animals including: Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Warthogs, Ostriches, Wildebeests, Rhinoceroses, Hippopotamuses, Crocodiles, Thompson's Gazelles, and many others.

Disney Imagineers made many research trips to Africa to ensure that the landscapes accurately replicate the experience of taking a safari in Africa. The attraction covers nearly 110 acres which is almost the same size as the entire Magic Kingdom.

This is an attraction that will appeal to the entire family and is a must see for any trip to the Animal Kingdom. You should definitely get a FastPass for this ride and avoid standing in the standyby line in possible. My family usually gets a FastPass before meal time and then we eat before our allotted time comes up. This makes for a more relaxing day and avoids excessive time standing in lines.

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