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Christmas at Disney World - Osborne Family Lights

Christmas time at Walt Disney World is special. One of the most special yearly events is the Osborne Family Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This year the lights will run from November 28th, 2008 until January 4th, 2009.

Each evening the Streets of America section of Disney's Hollywood Studios is transformed into a walk down an unbelievable display of dazzling Christmas lights. The lights started as a display from the Osborne family in Arkansas that just outgrew their neighborhood. Disney World gave the display a new home at the Hollywood Studios and has grown it even more each year.
Last year they added the effect of making the lights dance in harmony with music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This added to an already amazing display of holiday lighting magic.

The display is truly awe inspiring. Even though the weather may still be Florida warm, they create snow flakes to fall on you as you walk the streets to admire the incredible lights. This helps complete the illusion that you are strolling through light snow flurries taking in all of this incredible winter splendor.
This is definitely a must see attraction if you are visiting during the Holiday season. The pictures don't do the multi-million light display justice. This is something you really need to be there to experience first hand.
Enjoy the pictures and book that trip!

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