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Why "Only WDWorld"?

Why would I want to call my website “Only WDWorld”? That’s a fair question.

My kids and co-workers kid me about how much I like Disney World and my frequent visits. I thought about it and I realized it wasn’t the Disney Characters or movies that drove my interest. Although I enjoy the characters and have grown up watching the Disney movies, they weren’t the reason that I enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort so much.

What makes Disney World special to me is the amazing attention to detail in all aspects of the Parks, Attractions, and Resorts. The ability to create a series of themes and transitions and put them together to tell a story and create a magical experience that allows someone to safely escape their normal world and just relax and have fun like a child.

In my mind there is no place more relaxing than walking around the World Showcase in Epcot during the evening. No matter how many people are there at the same time, I can be calm, relax, and feel that this is what life is all about.

Of course, a morning jog around the Disney Boardwalk is pretty nice. Seeing Wishes in the Magic Kingdom is nice too. I also like the Kilimanjaro Safari at the Animal Kingdom. Maybe the Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios isn’t relaxing, but it is pretty awesome. Enjoying dinner with my family at Le Cellier in Epcot, or perhaps the Coral Reef, or even the Biergarten all are great experiences that I enjoy.

I love the architecture that goes into the buildings. I marvel at the technology and engineering that goes into the rides and animatronics. I plan vacations around the dates for the different festivals held during the year – from the Flower & Garden Festival, to Star Wars Weekends, to the Food & Wine Festival. I look with awe at the incredible Holiday decorations throughout the parks and resorts. I even love the different forms of transportation – monorails, steam trains, paddle wheel boats, motorboats, and buses (okay, I may not love the buses, but I love not having to drive to get around).

I could go on and on. I love it while I’m there and think about the next time (or times) when I’m not, hence the reason for starting this website.

I don’t see a need to be like everyone else and discuss “All Things Disney”, I would rather focus on “Only WDWorld”.

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  1. ronda says:

    You have expressed my exact feelings for WDW in your post. In addition to all of the things you mentioned there is one more reason why this is my preferred vacation spot, my son, who is special needs feels at home and thoroughly enjoys his time there and Disney makes this possible. I don't think that there is any other place that goes out of their way to make accommodations for children with special needs like Disney does. Without the magic that they provide, our vacations would not be successful.


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