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Magic Kingdom Memories: Cruising Main Street With The Dapper Dans

One of the lesser known pleasures of Disney World's Magic Kingdom is experiencing the lesser known attractions on Main Street such as the horse drawn trolley.  As an added bonus you will get to meet and be serenaded by the Disney Barbershop Quartet known as the Dapper Dans.

Main Street Transportation Company
Did you know that there were Disney World Attractions on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom?  Although not really touted as such, there are free modes of transportation taking Magic Kingdom Guests from the courtyard in front of the Main Street Train Station to Cinderella Castle or vice versa.  Far from being thrill rides these slow moving modes of transportation are ways to enjoy Main Street and take in the sights.

If you choose the horse drawn trolley, you may be joined by none other than the Disney World Barbershop Quartet known as the Dapper Dans

The colorfully dressed Dapper Dans not only are great singers, but they have engaging personalities and are enjoyable to strike up a conversation with.

Riding the horse drawn trolley presents riders with a wonderful view of Cinderella Castle.

Make sure that you have your camera ready as this picture of Cinderella Castle was taken while riding the trolley.

The Dapper Dans certainly fit the turn of the 20th century charm of Main Street.  This is entertainment that young and old alike can enjoy.

Don't forget to have your picture taken in front of the horse and trolley at the conclusion of your ride.  The Disney Cast Members will take a picture for you on your camera if you ask.

Magic Kingdom Memories
Not all of the magic in the Magic Kingdom involves thrill rides.  Sometimes the slow moving, under appreciated nostalgic attractions can provide the most memorable pictures and moments for your Disney World Vacations.  Don't be afraid to slow down and check out some of these lesser known Disney World Attractions.

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