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JAMMitors - Bringing The Beat To Epcot

Disney World is known for World Class Entertainment and in Epcot's Future World you will find a trio of custodians called the JAMMitors winning over Disney World Guests with their inventive percussion sounds, choreographed movements, and humorous interjections.

Many Disney World Guests may have never seen or even heard of the JAMMitors.  They don't have an attraction that they are based at, and they are not characters from a Disney movie, although after watching them perform you may decided that they are characters.

The JAMMitors are a trio of talented musicians that are dressed as custodians and can be found in the Future World section of Epcot.  They bring their assortment of pails and garbage cans along with them and set up an impromptu performance area in different parts of Future World.  If you look in the daily show times guide for Epcot you can find out when they are supposed to be performing.

If you happen upon a performance of the JAMMitors, it is certainly worth your time to stop and take in their approximately 8 minute show.  No matter where you were hurrying off to, just stop and watch these talented percussionists perform and you will be glad that you did.

Their instruments are an odd collection of items ranging from large trash cans & metal pails to toilet plungers & flyswatters.  Their instruments change from time to time, which will also change their show.  From the simple to the more extravagant collection of garbage cans, pails and lids of varying sizes come a unique sound that they turn into a captivating music performance.

It doesn't take long to see that these performers are talented musicians.  The shows are fast paced and engaging with humorous dialogue inserted between the musical arrangements.  This is the kind of show that you will want to see over and over again, because it does change frequently and is so entertaining.

Join the fraternity of Disney World Guests that have become JAMMitor Fans and make sure that seeing their performance is part of your Epcot MUST DO List

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