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Avoid Paying Too Much For Your Disney World Vacation

A Disney World Vacation is a magical experience, but it is not cheap.  In order to have the vacation you have dreamed about without breaking the bank, you need to follow these simple tips in order to make sure you avoid paying too much.

Money Saving Tips
1. Do Some Quick Research
There is always time for saving money.  It doesn't take long to do a little research to see what current discounts are being offered at Disney World.  You can either go to the Only WDWorld home page or visit the official Disney World Special Offers Page.  Both are kept up to date so you can see discounts that are available to the public at a glance.

If you are a Disney World Annual Passholder or a AAA member you may want to check their respective websites to see if there is additional savings that you qualify for.

2. Be Careful When You Make Reservations
You can make an expensive mistake when making reservations on the Disney World Website if you are not careful.  Disney World has a great website that makes it easy to make your vacation reservations, but you need to take extra care to get the discounts you deserve.

If you are travelling when there is a discount available (most of the time), you need to make your reservation through the special links available through the "Special Offer" page instead of from the main page.  You can get to that page by selecting the Special Offer Blocks at the bottom of the main page (as pictured above.)

Once you have found a discount that fits your needs, select the "Check Availability Now" button (orange button pictured above) in order to search for specific dates and resorts.  By coming to this page before doing your search, Disney's System automatically applies the discount to the selections you choose.

If you did the same Disney Resort Reservation search from the main page you would end up potentially paying hundreds of $$$ more to stay in the same resort at the same time.

3. Do The Math
Most people have an aversion to math, but there are times when it serves you well, and this is one of those times.  Each family has different circumstances and preferences for their vacations.  Due to that fact there is no one "right answer" for best Disney Vacation deal.  There are so many options that you really need to sit down and do the math to figure out which deal and options are right for you.

This may not sound like fun, but neither is spending hundreds of dollars more than you need to on your vacation.  Depending upon the time of the year, your best deal may be a complete Disney Vacation Package or you may be best suited be purchasing Tickets, Lodging, and Food all separately.

The top 3 expenses typically are: Lodging, Park Tickets, & Food.  So look at all three expenses when planning your budget.

You are most likely to get a significant discount for staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel.  The amount of the discount will depend upon the time of year and the class of hotel.  This is your biggest money saving opportunity.

Park Tickets are rarely discounted.  You can save the most money by being smart about the number of days that you plan your vacation for and only getting the options that you need. Disney Ticket Tip: You can add options like Park Hopper & Water Parks, and additional Theme Park Days during your vacation without penalty.  So if you are not sure you need an Option, try doing without and add it when you need it.  This way you don't pay for an Option you didn't use.

Learn more about Ticket Options and Prices at: Disney World Tickets Facts.

Disney World has many wonderful options for dining and many are as much of an attraction as any theme park ride.  You can pay as you go or choose one of several Disney Dining Plans.

Learn more about Disney Dining Plan Options and Costs at: Disney Dining Plan Facts.

4. Don't Forget Transportation
With the rising cost of airfare, transportation costs can be a major portion of your Disney World Vacation budget.  If you are going to fly, definitely take advantage of Disney's FREE Magical Express Service that will transport you from the Orlando International Airport to your Disney World Resort and even allow you to skip baggage claim and have your bags "magically" appear in your room a couple of hours later.  Again this is a free service that removes stress and saves you money.

If you are driving, remember that staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel gives you free parking priviliges at your Resort and at all 4 Disney World Theme Parks.

Plan Before You Pay
You can save hundreds of dollars by planning and taking advantage of discounts that are available for your Disney World Vacation.  There are also specific articles available at Only WDWorld that can help you choose the right Disney World Ticket options and Disney Dining options.

A Disney World Vacation may never be cheap, but it doesn't mean that you need to pay full price.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been visiting Disneyworld at least twice a year for the last 19 years and stay on property. Lately (my last four trips) I have purchased points from Disney Vacation Club members. By doing this I pay about 40% less than a Florida resident deal costs. I stayed at the Boardwalk Villas twice, the Yacht Club and Wildnerness Lodge Villas. When looking at your overall costs this is a great option. You pay the member directly. The only drawback is that you must remember to make any special request through the member, Disney will not deal with you until you check in. Give is a try.

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