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Star Wars Jedi Training Academy At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Has your child ever dreamed of being a Jedi?  At Disney World they can train to become one!

Disney's Hollywood Studios has a Jedi Training Academy that allows young Padawans (Jedis in training) to receive instruction from a Jedi Master and face off against Darth Vader himself in a lightsaber duel.

Year Round Attraction
While the Jedi Training Academy was initially only available during Star Wars Weekends each year, the attraction proved to be so popular that it has become a year round event that occurs daily at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Jedi Training Academy
Several Times each day (check your show times guide as you enter the park) there is a 30 minute show where approximately 25 young Padawans are selected to participate.  (Show up early if your child would like to be selected.)

Those who are selected are given a brown robe and lightsaber for their training (unfortunately you have to give them back at the end of the training, but still plenty of photo opportunities!)

The kids will learn the ways of the Force from  a real Jedi Master, who will have them recite the sacred Jedi Oath and then teach them the ways of the Force and Jedi lightsaber fighting techniques.

Once they have mastered their training in an easy step by step process suitable for any age Jedi, they are in for a real challenge.

Stormtroopers and Darth Vader make an appearance to challenge these new Padawans.  Each will have his or her chance to try out their newly practiced skills against Darth Vader himself.

Great Fun And Photo Opportunity
This is a great interactive Disney attraction and makes for great photo opportunities and memories as your young Jedi Knight takes on the infamous Darth Vader in a grueling lightsaber battle.

The adults in the audience are envious that they don't get their chance to channel the Force and battle Lord Vader themselves.

This is the type of special Disney activity that you will talk about long after the trip is over.  It is certainly worthwhile to make this a must do at Disney's Hollywood Studios if you have children.

May The Force Be With You!

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