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Rosie's Victory Garden At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rosie The Riveter At Disney's Hollywood Studios
Rosie The Riveter was a classic icon during World War II paying homage to the women who were supporting the war effort while their men were fighting overseas.  At Disney's Hollywood Studios you will find their tribute to Rosie in their Rosie's All American Cafe.

Rosie's Victory Garden - Victory With Vegetables
In addition to the cafe, there is a Victory Garden, complete with vegetables planted near the quick service eatery. 

Victory Gardens were part of a United States Government initiative to get the general public to plant their own vegetables in order to reduce the shortages caused by World War II.

Rationing of basic foods became a necessity during the war, so the United States government started rationing: cheese, milk, coffee, eggs, meat, sugar, and canned goods.  It was also difficult during this time to harvest and transport fresh fruits and vegetables to market, so the goverment urged the citizens to do their part by planting "Victory Gardens." 

An unbelievable 20 million Americans planted gardens during this time.  These gardens sprung up in backyards, rooftops, and empty city lots.  Neighbors got together and pooled their resources and shared their crops, all in support of their country.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that  9-10 million tons of fruits and vegetables were harvested from the Victory Gardens, an amount equal to all commercial production of fresh vegetables at the time.

It is amazing what the American people can accomplish when the challenge is put before them.

Little Noticed Corner Of Hollywood Studios
The next time you are visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios take the time to veer off your path to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and visit Rosie's All American Cafe and the nearby Rosie's Victory Garden.

Most Hollywood Studios visitors do not know that this Victory Garden exists, even if they have visited the parks multiple times.  Take the time to visit the garden and share with your family this little bit of history and the reminder of what the American people can accomplish when they band together with one purpose in mind.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for sharing about Rosie's! I'm taking my daughter to WDW for a Disneyschooling trip and we'll definitely add a trip to Rosie's to talk about her place in history.

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