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Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland Construction Update

If you haven't been to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World recently you will certainly notice some changes that have taken place as construction has begun for the huge Fantasyland Expansion.

Ariel's Grotto is gone, Pooh's Play Area is also gone, and there is now a fence along the back of the current Fantasyland area.  You can see evidence of the construction as large mounds of dirt are visible.

The look of Fantasyland is really different right now.  Right away you are struck by the changes that have already taken place.

If you look over the 8 foot high fence, you can see some of the foundations that are being prepared for the new attractions.
The above picture is taken while looking over the wall behind the Dumbo The Flying Elephant attraction and looking slightly to the left.

The above picture is panning to the right of the previous picture.  Here the construction equipment comes into view.

Looking even further to the right, you can see where the construction extends to back of the tents in Mickey's Toontown Fair, which are still in place for the moment. 

Obviously the construction is still in its early stages, but it is nice to see even this amount of progress achieved thus far.

The Tree from Pooh's Playground area has been "uprooted" and relocated to the queue for The  Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh attraction.  So far its looks good in its new location.  This may well turn out to be a big "plus" for this attraction.

Awaiting The NEW Fantasyland
We will have to wait for all of the new attractions to be built in Fantasyland, but rest assured the work has begun.  It is exciting to follow the progress to see how Disney World's Magic Kingdom is changing.

...if only the Disney "Magic" could make it happen faster!

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  1. Isn't it done yet? Boy it's going to be hard to wait.

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