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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Water Art At Disney World

Disney World Hidden Treasures
Some of the best things at Disney World are the unexpected Hidden Treasures that you just happen upon.  The drawing of Mickey Mouse shown above was created by an unassuming Magic Kingdom Cast Member with a broom and a bucket of water on a sidewalk in Main St. USA in the middle of the day.

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy this spontaneous work of art and take a picture to preserve this treasured memory.  In just a few brief minutes the water dried and the artwork was gone, with only few few guests having the opportunity to notice it and enjoy this image of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse At Night
Even more rare is finding a Disney World Cast Member creating Water Art at Night.  On a different trip, in the Tomorrowland Section of the Magic Kingdom near the entrance to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory, a quiet Cast Member created both a Mickey Mouse and a Minnie Mouse for passersby to see.  Since it was night time it was even more difficult to notice these Water Art images.  Again, luckily I was able to capture the images so they could be shared.

Frontier Minnie Mouse
On yet another trip in the Frontierland Section of the Magic Kingdom near the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a cast member drew this wonderful Water Art image of Minnie Mouse.

Water Art Creates Special Disney World Memories
Water Art images are special due to their fragile, short lived existance.  It is a memorable event that only a few lucky people are able to share and enjoy. 

These are some of the special types of entertainment that Disney World does so well and so very few people notice.  Be on the lookout during your next Disney World vacation for a Disney Cast Member with a broom and a bucket and glance over to see if they are creating a short-lived work of art.

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  1. Unknown says:

    I was able to capture a water Mickey near the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot this past December. It was very neat to see this extra magic that brought smiles to the faces of my entire family.

  2. Wow! this is pretty amazing, they made Minnie's image with the help of water. So creative.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Last year I saw them drawning not only mickey, but Donald and Goofy in Fantasyland.

  4. Disney says:

    article is really great for Disney

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