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Kid's Eye View Of The Magic Kingdom's Pixie Hollow

Madison, Only WDWorld's energetic 10 year old reporter, is back again to share her Kid's Eye View of Disney World.

Hello Everyone! After a rather long period of retirement, I’m back and full of excitement to write about important Disney World topics.

Today’s article will be about Disney’s new Meet & Greet, Pixie Hollow, which I was lucky enough to visit.

The first part of my Pixie Hollow experience that I am going to talk about is the miserable, awful line. The line is quite long since this area is very popular.

I truly think that Disney should consider making this an attraction that uses FastPasses. It would make it much more convenient. Seriously, you could use your time to tour around Mickey’s Toon Town Fair which is where Pixie Hollow is located.

Finally after what seems like hours, around six girls and their parents are led into a room which is where you become “Fairy sized.” The Cast Member who was there on the day I visited was very friendly and told us about a lot about the Disney Parks to make the wait time go by faster. He even told us about the Thanksgiving Dinner that the Cast Members get when working on Thanksgiving.

Finally, one by one the girls are allowed to enter the mysterious Pixie Hollow. The room looks very real and authentic with toadstools, trees, and flowers everywhere.

First I went to meet Fawn, the animal talent fairy. She asked me questions about my favorite animals and that kind of thing while she signed my autograph book and posed for pictures.

Then I was ushered to the next fairy, Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell was very spunky and energetic. She asked about my favorite inventions.

The last, but not least, fairy was Rosetta, the garden fairy. She said she loved my flower topped pen. She was very prim & proper.

Overall this was a wonderful experience. All three of the fairies were very talkative, which made the visit a lot of fun.

See you next time!

Madison out.

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