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Storytellers From Holidays Around The World At Epcot Part 2

If you visit the Walt Disney World Resort during the Christmas Season you will have many opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of Christmas lighting displays, wonderfully decorated Christmas trees, and a variety of beautiful ornaments and Christmas decorations.

Despite all of the incredible lights and Christmas decorations, I believe that Epcot is the best place to see at Disney World during Christmas Time. At Epcot you can see the Candlelight Processional where you will hear the Biblical Christmas story read by a celebrity narrator and Christmas Carols sung by a mass choir backed by a 50 piece live orchestra. This is a powerful and memorable experience.

You can also see and listen to the story tellers in each of the 11 World Showcase countries talk about their Holiday traditions and customs.

Here are 3 more countries and their story tellers:


In France you will see Père Noël. He will tell the story of Babette and the letter that she wrote to him. You will hear about the magic of Christmas from a child’s perspective as told by the French version of Santa Claus.


In Canada we meet Nowell, the Canadian lumberjack. He tells the story of the customs of the Canadian children during Christmas time. We also see Nowell transform during his story telling from Lumberjack to Santa Claus. This is a very engaging presentation.


Helga greets us in Germany and tells us of her childhood in Germany and the traditions that she had with her family.

She tells us about the first Christmas trees and how according the German legend Martin Luther, the great Reformer, is credited with starting the idea of chopping down a fir tree and bringing it indoors to be decorated. These trees were referred to as Tannenbaum.

You will also hear about the legend of the Nutcracker and you will get to meet a Nutcracker that has come to life.

Holidays Around The World

The story tellers in each of The Epcot World Showcase countries do a great job of sharing their respective countries traditions. It is a marvelous way to spend part of the Christmas season, learning how others celebrate it around the world.

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