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Check Out New Site Called DisMarks To View Great Disney Articles

You may notice a new icon at the bottom of the articles on Only WDWorld now. This icon is from a relatively new website called DisMarks.

DisMarks is touting itself as "A community highlighting the best of the Dis-O-sphere."

The site is very similar to Digg and other social sites on the internet, where articles are submitted by authors and readers. People can also vote for articles that they like if they have already been submitted . As articles get more votes, they make their way to the top of the list and the front page.

DisMarks has taken that same concept with a narrower theme, choosing to focus on Disney Based articles, with sub-categories like my favorite - Disney World.

I think that this site is a great free service for Disney fans to be able to see articles from their favorite sites and maybe discover articles from sites you may not have otherwise come across. There is a lot of great articles about Disney and Disney World out there and this is a good way to help find them.

Registration to the site is required to submit articles or to vote, but it is free and relatively painless.

Please feel free to support Only WDWorld by clicking on the "Mark It" symbol at the bottom of articles you like, so that other people can get a chance to read them also. If you see a number in the symbol, that indicates how many votes that article has already received. If there is no number, it is waiting for someone like yourself to submit it. Either process can be done by clicking on the symbol.

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