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Toy Story Mania is Disney World's Hottest New Attraction

If you have visited Walt Disney World in the last year, there is one easy answer as to what new attraction has the longest lines.

The answer: Hollywood Studio's Toy Story Mania

This attraction involves shooting targets to earn point, but this is way more than the Magic Kingdom's Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.

Let me start at the beginning:
The outside of the building is awesome. They have done a wonderful job of bringing the feel of the Toy Story Movie to Hollywood Studios. They have populated the outside of the building and ride queue area with toys to make you feel that you have shrunk down to toy size and are walking through Andy's room. They topped themselves by adding the most advanced audioanimatronic character that has ever been built - Mr. Potatohead. The amazing fact is that they did this just for the ride queue!

The ride itself is even more impressive. You have a pull activated shooter that shoots virtual items that change depending upon the scene that you are in.

Watch this short video from Disney Parks to get a sense of what it is like inside the ride:

It really is amazing and it is designed so that guests of all ages can enjoy it, thus the long lines. It has a great fun factor for all. You should check it out, whether you are good at video games or not.

If you have plans to visit Disney World soon, this should definitely be on your must see list of attractions. I would definitely recommend heading directly to this attraction when you enter the park in order to get a FastPass. It is not uncommon for the FastPasses to all be given out for the day before noon and the stand-by line to be well over an hour.

This ride is currently rated #3 in Only WDWorld's list of favorite Disney World Attractions and #4 in Only WDWorld's Favorite Disney World Attraction Queues. It would probably rank higher in the attraction queue category, if we didn't have to wait so long in it.

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