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Planning Your Trip To Walt Disney World - Part II

Once you have chosen approximately when you will be travelling to Walt Disney World, you need to decide how many days you will stay during your vacation. The answer many people would say is: “Stay until the money runs out!”, but that isn’t very practical.

If you read my previous blog entitled: Sorting Out Magic Your Way Ticket Options (if you haven’t click now and read it, don’t worry I’ll wait until you come back ), then you are aware that in order to get the most for your money you probably want to visit the parks in the neighborhood of 6 – 8 days.

That means you would take a full week’s vacation, travel to Disney World on Friday night or Saturday, and leave the following Saturday or Sunday.

Since there are four parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, & Animal Kingdom), you can spend at least one full day in each park and then you have options for your remaining days:

  • You can return and spend another day at your favorite parks.
  • You can have a pool day at your resort pool.
  • You can go to either Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon water parks.
  • You can go shopping in Downtown Disney.
  • You can rent a boat from a number of locations and go boating.You can go on a fishing excursion.
  • You can take one of the many Disney Tours.
  • You can go Horseback Riding at the Fort Wilderness resort.
  • You can go golfing.

    The list goes on and on…..the great part is that there is almost a limitless supply of activities that you can take part in. After over 20 trips I still find new activities to experience on each visit.

    My recommendation is to plan all, but one day of your trip at the parks and have one day that you take to explore some of the other things that Disney World has to offer.

    So now that you are starting to rough out a plan for your trip, let’s finalize the dates and pencil in the main activity for each day.. This will help for the next step in planning – Choosing a Resort and Making Reservations.

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